Retractable Awning Care and Cleaning Tips by Solarus USA

How would one care for their Sunesta Awning to keep it clean and functioning properly?

The answer is simple, but depending on where you live could determine how often you would need to clean and lubricate your awning. If you live more inland you don’t have to worry about salt exposure but we need to be concerned about dirt and pollen. We recommend rinsing with plain water every month or so and cleaning with soap every 3 to 6 months apart. If you live by the ocean you might want to clean it more often, at least once a month or more, to get rid of any salt that might accumulate. Dirt, pollen, and dust, are all breeding grounds for mold and mildew. Salt water and salt air can corrode even the best metals and finishes, so a little consistent care can significantly extend the life of your awning. If your awning happens to have dirt or debris on it we recommend just spraying the dirt and debris off with a garden hose and rinsing it down well. If you have any bird droppings you can use warm water and a soft brush to remove it. For tough stains or mildew you can try removing them with warm water, mild soap and a brush. Ivory Liquid and Woolite are good mild detergents to start with. You can always call us for a cleaning and maintenance service.

After cleaning the fabric and frame, dry everything with a soft terry or microfiber cloth. A great way to keep the powder coat clean and new looking is to wipe it down with some silicone spray. Avoid petroleum-based lubricants like WD-40 or other oils. Pure silicone is really the best, and can also be used on all the joints and moving parts to keep the awning smooth and quiet.

For those of you unable to perform cleaning and service or just don’t have the time, Solarus USA offers several service package options to meet your needs and budget.

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