Sunesta-Commercial Retractable Awning

Incease your home or business livable area with a top quality custom made (Sunesta Products) - Sunesta Heavy Duty Retractable Awning from Solarus USA

The Sunesta Model Retractable Patio and Deck Awning is the Heaviest Duty Retractable awning for high wind areas and waterfront applications.  It is a custom made awning that can be made to exacting measurements to the inch for a perfict fit.  Custom cut widths can be anywhere from 5 feet to 60 feet, and projections from the building or structure can be either 5', 6'8", 8'3",10', and 11'6", 13', and 14'8".  The extra projection is perfect for large areas and commercial applications.  To prevent rust, metal on metal corrosion, and for long lasting beauty, all metal components are either Stainless Steel, Aircraft Aluminum, or are coated with 6 mils of PVC impregnated powder coat.  We are the premier awning manufacturer that provides 4 colors for the frames and arms - White, Beige, Clay, or Brown to match any decor.  Our super strong roll tubes and frame components are made from European High Strength "Memory Steel" that can twist and flex far better than any all aluminum awnings - no matter what the other manufacturers say.  As a matter of fact, our full line-up of retractable awnings are all Miami Dade County Product Control Approved for retractable patio awnings.  No other manufacturer in the country can make that claim!


There are many other features that make Sunesta retractable awnings the best in the business.  For instance, they are TUV Certified (Tested and Approved) -(German) Technischer Überwachungs-Verein, English: Technical Inspection Association) are German organizations that work to validate the safety of products of all kinds to protect humans and the environment against hazards. As independent consultants, they examine plants, motor vehicles, energy installations, amusement rides, devices and products (e.g. consumer goods) which require monitoring. The many subsidiaries of the TÜVs can also act as project developers for energy and traffic concepts, as problem solvers in environmental protection, and as certification bodies. Many of the TÜV organizations also provide certification for various international standards, such as ISO9001:2008 (quality management system) and ISO/TS16949 (automotive quality management system).


All our motorized models utilize Somfy Motors, Somfy Wireless Remote Controls, and Somfy Wind Sensors.  Somfy is by far the best, most respected and well known company to produce quality electric motors for awning and solar shade applications.  


Sunesta created an optional cassette for the Sunesta Model for 360 degrees of total fabric protection.  This gives a very clean and neat appearance to the awning for Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Restaurants or Distinctive Homes.


The Arcraft Aluminum Heavy Duty Arms have an amazing 4 Stainless Steel PVC Coated Cables attached to Stainless Steel Springs to keep perfect tention on the fabric at any projection.  It also makes the awning maintenance free without the need for lubrication.


For installations where there is just a flat wall, a Sealed Hood option is available to make the covered area completely water proof.


The Sunesta Model has a FLifetime Frame Warrantee.  This is a true factory warranty from Sunesta, the manufacturer.  Our Solution Dyed Arilic Fabrics have a 10 Year Pro Rated Factory Warranteed against Fading, Cracking, Mold and Mildew.

The Somfy Motors are Guaranteed for 5 full years.


With all the great features and benefits of a Sunesta Brand Retractable Awning from Solarus USA, what are you waiting for?  Take back your yard, patio, or deck today!


The Sunlight